Trailer - Edem-Trailer

Transformer trailer PikNik

PTOL - 200


Two in one!

Buying the trailer tent PIKNIK you get two trailers in one, the trailer PIKNIK is registered as a “flat-bed trailer” by the National Traffic Safety Inspectorate.
In case of necessity you can easily unscrew 6 fixing bolts, easily remove the body from the trailer flat bed and use the trailer for carrying cargoes otherwise in conformity with road traffic rules.

Area— 18 m2.

Complete set  — tent, chassis, baggage basket, storage cells, kitchen (cooking plate with 3 hob eyes, water pump for the sink), two double-size stuffed beds

Tent material – breathing acryl

Transformer trailer PikNik PTOL – 200 with front and side panels is designed to form a  country house with area of 18 m2, which is easily transformable to large terrace.

Additional canopy to protect from the sun and side screen to protect from winds make such structure invulnerable to any weather. Light colors and multiple venting systems allow for lower temperature even in hot climates. Transformer trailer PikNik PTOL –  200 has a full-fledged kitchen that can be used without deployment of the entire house.

Transformer trailer installation time does not exceed 15 minutes.

Transformer trailers are functional and do not require great amount of effort to be transported and transformed:


No response to wind, no increase in fuel consumption (verified by testing), rear view is always available, easy maneuverability, low center of gravity and radial tires give good adherence to road, design solution of trailer-to-truck junction minimize vibration severity – 13 inch or 14 inch wheels provide the required clearance minimum for off-road conditions.

General guidelines on using the light transformer trailers PikNik PTOL -200.

The trailers are designed for carrying of various cargoes when combined with light vehicles. The trailer was developed as per OST 37.001.220-93. They are permitted to be in operation with all kinds of light motor vehicles equipped with tow hitch as per OST 37.001.096 – 94 and a plug socket designed to plug in the electrical appliances of the trailer.  The trailers use a series of assemblies and components (wheels, bearings, hubs, shock–absorbers, rubber bushing, shackles, electric, electrical torches, light reflectors), inherited from UAZ, Moskvich Gazel, etc. The trailers may be equipped with braking system.