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Who we are

LLC “PIKNIK” originates from LLC “EDEM_EXPEDITION” during travelling over vast territories if our Motherland – through the republics of mountain Caucasus inside of prepared off-roaders, we used to communicate with many owners of crossovers and common light vehicles.

In course of those discussions people grew wistfully happy for us in regard of our having the opportunity to reach where a common vehicle could hardly reach, and we heard very often of their desire to own a camper truck, trailer home, trailer tent – passion for travelling must have been innate in us from the ancestors. At the moment it occurred to us that the idea of trailer tent “SKIF” was worth of revival but this time with up-to-date technologies and materials taken into consideration.

trailer “SKIF”
trailer “SKIF”
trailer “SKIF” (dismantled)
trailer “SKIF” (dismantled)
Прицеп Европа
Trailer Europe
Trailer Europe (dismantled)
Trailer Europe (dismantled)



PIKNIK jointly with EDEM-EXPEDITION initiated a project on development and building of trailer tent based on USSR-manufactured trailer SKIF after having getting familiar with the experience of foreign equivalents, have come up with the specifications as follows:
— raised ground clearance frame, adapted to Russian roads
— a choice of 13 – or 14 – inch wheels
— a choice of spring suspension or rubber-harness type suspension
— advanced design body made of composite, impact-resistant repairable material
— tent made of up-to-date breathing waterproof (water-repellent) acryl
— easy and quick assembly/disassembly of the camp
— provision for alternative energy power sources
— spare parts readily available
— the best price-quality balance

Maximum trailer capacity up to 750 kg
Number of beds — 4
Dimensions, mm — 3400 / 1600 / 950
Area (spread condition) — 18 m2.